Note: For the duration of Riley's mission, this blog will be produced and edited by his parents, Daisy and Todd Stonely.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week #3 en el CCMM: "Duty is Joy!"

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been one to remember! Every day there has been a struggle or another with me and my companion. And at times I have wondered how in the world I am to help him. But, Tuesday's devotional and all Sunday, we had meetings and topics that struck me hard! I learned so much and I know the Lord gave me what I needed to hear. I learned so much that I don't have time to write it all down, (it's in my journal so I'll be OK) HA HA

I wanted to mention real quick my favorite topic/Devotional. Sunday priesthood meeting, President Beecher (District presidency) gave a lesson on fulfilling our "Duty." Not only our duty as a missionary, but our duty in life as well. This was one I needed to hear about over and over after the last week of trials. He shared a poem that President Monson shared in a general conference talk.

I slept and dreamt that Life was Joy
I woke and saw that life was Duty
I acted, and behold-
Duty was Joy.
-Unknown Author

This poem struck me hard as I quickly realized that I needed to repent of my lack of "duty." It hadn´t been a very enjoyable week because I was not getting along with my companion as well as I wanted to and things just weren't going right. I realized that ALL Joy in life comes from sincerely fulfilling our duty. This led me to think of an analogy.

In any sport, (soccer in my case), each player holds a responsibility. Whether it be to score a goal, or block a goal, make a good pass, or think logically. All of which could lead to a game winning goal or a terrible mistake. Without every player on the field performing their "duty" something goes wrong and there is no Joy.

As I thought about this during priesthood meeting, I thought of what my duty was as a missionary, a companion, a friend, a leader, and anything else I could come up with. I realized that there was so much I needed to change in order to fulfill my duty. And to receive the joy in my experience here and in life as I move on. I applied the things President Beecher shared with me for the rest of Sunday and Monday and all of today. "And behold- Duty is Joy."

Every person in this world wants to be happy. It's God's plan for every one of his beloved children. We all have a duty to perform in order to receive joy. Whether it be fulfilling a church calling, pursuing your career, being a parent or a responsible, obedient child. We ALL have something to do and something to work on. That is what I have learned this week. If there is something you could do better in your life do it. If you don't feel like there is Joy all around you, reflect on what you are doing. Then change. I know with all of my heart as we strive to be like our Savior and fulfill our duty and better yet, go beyond that, relationships will be strengthened. Your life will change, and you will have more joy. "For behold, Duty is Joy."

I love everyone back at home and can't wait to continue to share with you all everything I learn! 
Much love and respect,

Elder Stonely

This little guy flew up to our window and let us hold him! it felt like the Garden of Eden experience! very exciting!!!