Note: For the duration of Riley's mission, this blog will be produced and edited by his parents, Daisy and Todd Stonely.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 23: "Atonement - At-one-ment"

This week has definitely come with its trials. Not only for us as missionaries, but for members of the Branch. It made me think of the cycle that often happens, where things seem to be going great, then something bad has to happen. There are a couple families in the branch whom this week have been experiencing major difficulties. Us as missionaries haven't been able to help much with their situations, other than just be there for them and love them. And when I thought about it at the end of the week, I think the only thing they needed was to feel the love that the savior had for them and their families. I know they have felt it because I feel it every day. And this brings me to the topic I frequently bring up, the Atonement.

Many people, may not understand the meaning of the Atonement and just how it can help them. I know I have definitely struggled searching and learning about the Atonement. However this week has opened my eyes a little more deeper to how the Atonement can help me.

We had a Zone conference/training this past Tuesday and I went in not really knowing what I was going to learn. And coming out of it, I didn't learn from anything that was said, but what I needed to learn personally. (the way it should be right?) All the information that was presented, I had previously been trained on. So it was like a brush up lesson for me. However, there was another fellow Spanish elder sitting with us who I learned a lot from. He is struggling with his own issues and what not, but I really noticed just how much he understood and was using the Atonement. He serves in a difficult area with members who aren't very supportive and the missionary work is beyond slow. I noticed that he is just under a year serving, and is currently training. On top of those difficulties is that fact that he is a District Leader. And for those of you who don't really know what that title signifies, lets just say it is stressful and hard. This missionary I could tell was struggling. Though more than that, the power of the Atonement was more noticeable. He talked about his experiences with me and what he does to reach out for help from the Lord. And I really was surprised. I walked away from the day with a little more understanding about the Atonement.

This week I have been in need of the Atonement. There have been trials and difficulties like I mentioned above, along with others. I don't like to mention the hardships because those are just little parts that we all have. What matters is that we have the Atonement with us to always ask for the help we need to complete a task. The savior is with me and I know that he knows how I feel. Every day I cant wait to pray to him and to ask for help and strength. I have felt great peace come from this simple act. And I know that the Lord is always watching over every one of us. I thank you all for all of your kind support in all that you do! And I am grateful for the love I feel every day. Bless you all! and remember that when you feel alone, you don't have to be if you ask Him.

Much love from Foley!

Elder Stonely