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Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 71: Sickest Companion and Investigator Ever

Dear My fellow friends and beloved family :)

This week was a blast!!!!! So much happened and it was what I like to call crazy... HAHAHAHA and there were so many tender mercies throughout the week. HAHAHA For one, I have a sick, positive companion who is just awesome and he makes my day every day :) Second, We have what you call the SICKEST investigator ever. Here is his story:

Erlin, his wife Yeny (pronounced Jeny), and their cute daughter of 7 months, Laura. I dont have pictures for you all, but will work on getting some :) On Monday Night, a week ago we went to go see some pontentials (One of them being Erlin). Missionaries had met with him in the past, but with no success. We passed by and he was COMPLETELY drunk with some of his buddies. Not going to lie, drunk people are some of the funnies people, but i have never left a drunk person without feeling sad for their life. However, we talked with Erlin and didnt really think much of the visit because he was drunk. so we left. 

Wednesday comes rolling around the corner and we had the last hour before calling it a day to fill. We decided to go see a less active member out close by Erlin, however on the way out, We felt an impression to pass by his house. So, being a spirit whisperer, Elder Moore, the driver, since i cant drive, whipped the car around and went to his house :) He was completely sober and his countenance was changed. He talked to us about his life story how he was a drunk driver and had been in prison for 4 years as a result as well as his family strugles, and he expressed desire to change his life and turn it around. And trust me, before we could say anything he asked us if we could come by every night before church to help him prepare to go. His wife, being so sweet as she is was totally on board. So we went over every night, taught them some great lessons, invited him to baptism and he came to church. At church a member invited him and his family to come over to dinner with us as well :) So we went, And this member family has a little baby boy 1 year old who got along with their cute daughter. More importantly, Erlin and Yeny were able to see an example of what the Family should strive to be. I cant put into words the experience that I had nor the way that Erlin and Yeny looked, but I can tell you just within this past week this family has definitly changed. It wasnt us as missionaries, it wasnt members or anything, it was the spirit working through their hearts telling them this was what they wanted. And It was amazing!!! We are so waiting for Erlin to get baptized this upcoming month :)

Well, other than that like I said this week was crazy! We did a service project and cracked 900 pounds of crab. Im not a huge fan of sea food, but this crab was actually pretty good :) we went to another soccer game as FSU as well as a Hispanic festival! So it was great :) I hope you all have a great week this week and I love you all so much!

Until we talk again,
Much love :)
Elder Stonely

Florida State soccer game.
Chill'n at the game.