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Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 41: Yes, It’s your elder again :)

Dear Friends and Family,

This week my testimony has really grown on the idea of following the spirit to be in the right place in the right time. There was an amazing experience that we had with one of the English elders investigators. I will try to explain to the best of my ability :)

About 1-2 months ago, we were planning for the following day. It had been a really hard week with not much success. So we got home, and started to plan. And we decided to go on our bikes down this path with is kinda hidden, but we thought we would try it out (hadn’t been down that path at all). So the next day, as we are following our plans, we are going down this path and we meet a guy who was walking. We began to talk to him, but he preceded to tell us that he wasn’t interested and was going through a rough time. He told us that he was thinking about suicide then and not really having the best of the day. Well we didn’t hesitate to offer a blessing to him. Surprisingly he wasn’t hesitant to say yes! So, on the side of the highway, we gave this man a blessing. (He wanted one then and there!) So we gave him the blessing, asked if we could call anyone or doing anything, but he refused any other help.

Months later, (last Monday) he shows up at the library and talks with the English Elders! He apparently was taking lessons from them, but then fell off the face of the earth and they could not contact him. He talked with them and we were unsure of what ever was going on. So after they were done talking with them, we find out from the English elders that his life was going downhill. And that day that we met him on the path, he was actually on his way to end his life. He had been that way for about 2 months. And that’s when we met him and gave him the blessing! He described to us that after that blessing, he felt a little better and in 2 weeks after the blessing, his life started changing. He said the blessing gave him something to build off us which was the reason he was around.

We were shocked... cause how often does that happen????? He is currently taking lessons from the missionaries and plans on getting baptized within the next couple months.

The spirit really is a guide. And sometimes you don’t know it. But if you are doing what you should and are worthy of the spirit, trust that it will guide you in every decision that you make. Even where you might be taking your morning jog :) I testify that the work is moving fast! Whether it be here on the earth of on the other side of the Veil. All we have to do is act and the Lords hands in carrying out the mortal work. I love you all and cannot wait to tell you all about all of my adventures :)

Much love! From the heart of Foley Alabama!

Elder Stonely

PS transfers are in a week from this wed, so may be getting that news soon :

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Yummy food!
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