Note: For the duration of Riley's mission, this blog will be produced and edited by his parents, Daisy and Todd Stonely.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 28: "Attitude of Gratitude"

Dear my boss Friends and Family,

Man oh man does time seem to fly by. I feel like I was just writing a weekly email and now I'm here again! Last P-day went by really fast. The three other missionaries had a lot of stuff to get done so we were running all over little Foley. But man, the week this week was almost like a roller coaster too. With ups and downs, highs and lows, fast and slow, and man just crazy! Hopefully my Spanish mind doesn't mess up the email. :)

So Tuesday we didn't have District meeting because we had a Christmas Mission Conference with 1/2 the missionaries. And man, that day was so crazy. Probably cause my routine was so thrown off. We did go to a little thrift store to do service, which was supper fun! We got there and normally when we arrive they just have like a couple shopping karts with stuff that needs to be put on the shelves and all we do is put it out so people can buy it. But this time they had like 5 shopping carts and 4 giant racks of clothes that they needed to hang up. We started with the shopping karts and put everything out, but then we got to the cloths. HAHA And let me just say, a good 90% of the clothes were woman's shirts and pants and dressed and it was hard for us two guys to determine where to put them. The person in charge ended up just giving us something and telling us exactly where to put it! we are such typical guys... The best part of the service though was seeing how happy it made the workers in the store. We walked in and they were all fighting for some reason, and by the time we left, they were all happy and they really enjoyed us coming. I think they were all stressed and overrun with their work, so we tried to just joke around and make them laugh and lighten their day by doing the service. And it worked! We left with smiles on our faces and felt really good for serving and making other peoples days better. Service is boss!

Wednesday was the mission conference, and it was very good. We had a musical program with Sister smith narrating and that was great! very spiritual. Then we had a lunch that was prepared by the Relief Society and It was AMAZING. I'm jealous because I will never be able to cook like the woman in the Relief Society. But thats ok cause i still have my mom right? Just kidding.

The rest of the week was another week and very good. I am glad for opportunities that I have been given to grow and to strengthen my testimony about the gospel. I am grateful for our mission president down here who has been called to serve us. I know he knows where I need to be and when and am grateful for him. I am even more grateful for the savior during this time of year and for all he has done for me. He truly is my greatest gift.

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas. I know I will be enjoying all of the members and the opportunity to serve them. Thank you for all your support and for everything that I have received from wonderful people back home. Have a Merry Christmas!

From the little town of Foley,

Elder Stonely