Note: For the duration of Riley's mission, this blog will be produced and edited by his parents, Daisy and Todd Stonely.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 91: HEY :)

Dear Friends and Family,

This past week has been one to remember. Though... isn't every week one to remember? I think yes.

We had an opportunity to meet with an investigator about 2 months ago. She was just a potential and we were planning on working with her though we weren't able to see her for a couple of weeks. We didn't think much of it because all of our visits and appointments with her were being cancelled and all. It was pretty sad. Though we finally got into the house to teach her. First off, she is recently divorced, with 5 kids, lives in a small trailer with her sister who also has 5 kids. So yes, its quite the house and she has her work cut out for her. Though we taught the restoration and the plan of salvation and it went pretty well! She asked us lots of questions and she pretty much knows the answers to them, she just wants clarification. So we are expecting great things with her and her family. We both are excited to continue teaching them :)

Well, Other than that, lots of finding and missionary work! If anyone has any questions they want me to answer send me an email, other than that, my ideas of what to share from missionary life are turning into few... HAHA

Spiritual thought of the week comes from yesterday. The first Sunday of the month was stake conference so our stake did fast Sunday yesterday. We decided to fast for this investigator who I mentioned above. We were fasting for her specifically to have the desire to read the book of Mormon and start to keep commitments so that she could be ready to accept the commitment to be baptized. And As we were waiting for a meeting to get started, we got a text from her saying that she read and had a question about being Born again! How ironic... HAHA So we haven't seen her yet, though we are going to visit with her today! Though in that moment one of the first things that I thought about was how the Lord answered our prayers and helped our investigator have the desire to read the book of Mormon. It was something so very simple, though it was so powerful and it made my Sunday one to remember. Brothers and Sisters wherever you are around the world, I know that through fasting we can bring to pass many mighty miracles and receive much strength and guidance. I know that through sincere prayer we can always talk with our celestial friend above who loves us, cares for us and wants to bless us. He is waiting for us to check in and out every day so he can pour out the blessings of heaven. I love you all so very much and am grateful for everyone of you I have been able to meet in this life and learn from. 

Have a wonderful week full of tender mercies and miracles!

Your favorite elder, 

Elder Stonely

we played some cricket ball today! It was pretty fun :)