Note: For the duration of Riley's mission, this blog will be produced and edited by his parents, Daisy and Todd Stonely.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 88: Meeting an Apostle

Dear Amazing Friends and Family,

Well, this past week I got to shake the hand of an Apostle for the first time in my life, "according to my memory." Elder Gary E. Stevenson took two hours out of his busy schedule to come talk with all of us in our mission. Wow, I don't think anyone really know what to expect when they meet an apostle for the first time, but for anyone that doesn't know, They are a normal person! The only difference is you can feel of their divine calling and the spirit that they have with them. The conference with him was from 10-12 on Saturday though we were all in our seats by 9:00 listening to the prelude music and I had some time to think about what was going to happen with this great opportunity! When He entered the room I could just tell he was someone special. Throughout the meeting it felt so normal as he talked with us, it was as if we were talking with someone on the street, though he was obviously talking about gospel stuff and it was more inspired than a street contact. Though he has a sense of humor and is an amazing person. We got to shake his hand and the line felt like forever, then the next thing I knew i was sitting down. HAHA He has a wonderful handshake. Firm, yet gentle, and he has such a wonderful smile. He greeted us all by name and then we shook the hands of the other General Authorities :) It was great!!! So, Now I can say that I shook the hand of an apostle. If you haven't done it, I hope you all get the chance to do it some day!

Alright, so this past week we had a really enjoyable time with finding, tracting, teaching, eating and sleeping :) And today we will be making baleadas as a district as well as a Mexican dessert called,"Carlota" we are all pretty stoked, and so that is what we will be off and doing today! HAHA Just know that I love you all and we are doing fabulous! I thank you all for your amazing support and love in all that missionaries do around the world. Best of luck in all of your adventures, 

Much love,
your favorite missionary in Tallahassee Florida,

Elder Stonely
Ingredients for baleadas.