Note: For the duration of Riley's mission, this blog will be produced and edited by his parents, Daisy and Todd Stonely.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 36: My Favorite Subject, The Atonement

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope you all had such a great week this week! It was so great hearing from all the adventures that are happening back home. And I thank you all for your love and support! 

I wanted to start by sharing some feelings that I had throughout the week. Mainly focused on my favorite subject, the Atonement. Though I feel my testimony of the Atonement has so much room for improvement, from what I know, it is one of the charitable acts that anyone would have done. Our savior Jesus Christ, a perfect being, went through physical, emotional and spiritual pain that none of us have or even could experience. This week one of the biggest parts of his suffering that I noticed while studying came from the fact that the He went through it alone. The savior suffered through the pains alone. His apostles couldn't even stay awake while he was in the Garden, He cried to his father during his hardest time. I only could sit and imagine how He must have felt. I was listening to a talk by Elder Holland and he said something along the lines of how the savior must have been prepared physically and temporally, but not as well emotionally or spiritually. For me this week it was something that I was very happy to find. That the savior knows how I feel in times where I feel lonely or in times where I feel like I can’t do anything. He knows how I feel and knows how to help me best in order to give comfort and guidance. I am so very grateful.

Well on a fun note, Elder Sturdevant and I bought stuff to make Mexican style enchiladas which were on spot!  They were super good and we still have leftovers in the fridge :) That will be something to look forward to cooking a lot when I have time :) I learned how to roast chilies which was super good!

Mexican-style enchiladas! Now who is Boss!!
I hope you all enjoyed your week and I hope that you all have a great one coming up! I love you all and look forward to learning and growing more this next upcoming week! 

Much love, 

Elder Stonely

Missionary vehicle.

Riley riding down a typical bike path in Foley, AL.