Note: For the duration of Riley's mission, this blog will be produced and edited by his parents, Daisy and Todd Stonely.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 55: Spiritual Fireworks

Dear Friends and Family,

I always start off by saying that "this week was one to remember" or something like that, though the only thing that remembered my week was my journal. HAHA There wasn't too much that happened. 

One big thing that happened was our mission said goodbye to President and Sister Smith, and welcomed another President and Sister Smith! We had the opportunity to welcome in the new Mission President and His wife and get to know them a little more. He seems SUPER energetic and crazy! I'm excited to get to know him a little more. :) And sister Smith is VERY quite and calm. They are a perfect pair for each other! And I think that we are going to enjoy them a lot out here. It was a humbling experience for me to see just how humble of people they are and it was nice to get to know them. :) We will miss the old President and his wife, though its going to be a blast with the new one!

This Sunday we also had an investigator at church. Domingo is his name and he is 17. We love him and were supper excited that he wanted to come to church! So when we showed up, there was another less active member who was there named Robert. In the same grade at Domingo. We got super excited cause Domingo would have a friend to talk to his age instead of sitting next to a 70 year old woman! HAHA So we approached Robert and asked him if he knew Domingo before we introduced them, and when he found out who he was he went off about how big of a trouble maker he thought Domingo was and how bad he was at school. HAHA So we got a little worried about how the friendship thing would work. Though to our surprise, Robert helped him feel welcome! It was great. :)

I wish you all a Happy 4th of July!!! I envy all of you who get to watch amazing fireworks and have a blast, though I'm a little prideful of the spiritual fireworks that us missionaries get to set off every day!!! Totally kidding. HAHA We can all have spiritual fireworks :0 And I hope you all enjoy your week! 

I love you much! :)

Elder Stonely
Zone Conference with new Mission President and wife.