Note: For the duration of Riley's mission, this blog will be produced and edited by his parents, Daisy and Todd Stonely.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weel 21: "Power of the Holy Ghost"

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been a very slow one for sure! now that our boss family has been baptized, we havent been able to go over as much and do lessons with them. We are now getting into teaching them everything again, but they are always so busy with the members and activities and stuff and we want to teach them when Ramon is home from work. So all of that has been limiting our contact with them! But Im glad to see that they are being loved and supported :) I actually had a very good experience with them which I will share later.

So like I said, the week went by REALLY slow... P-Day was a rainy day all day so we just stayed inside and didnt do much. It was nice to get everything cleaned and make the apartment once again feel "at home." and it was just an overall awesome day!

Tuesday we had District meeting which was one of the best district meetings that we have had while ive been out here. We actually discussed the way we are supposed to be doing missionary work down here and how to work with members and less actives. And We got a TON of things we are going to have to try out. But this day was also the start of another slow week... HAHA My companion, Elder Chapdelaine, is allergic to Gluten and we went to Arby's for lunch. And normally the fries are ok to eat for him, but I am assuming that the fries at Arby's have some sort of covering on them that contain gluten. SO... long story short, just the little amount of gluten on the fries that he ate cause him to get really sick. He had no energy during the day and He threw up during one of our lessons. I felt kinda bad for him... Yet i was laughing cause I knew that it was cause he ate gluten. We laughed about it after too so dont think I am a terrible human being! HAHA

Wednesday I woke up and looked over at my companion and he didnt even get up... I knew that it was cause he was sick. And he mumbled to me, "Im sick... you probably already knew that." HAHA and so we got another two hours of sleep and poor Elder Chapdelaine was dying all day! he kept throwing up and his poor stomach, which had nothing in it was not very happy. So I spent the day taking care of him as he rested and just slept. I felt terrible! And he didnt eat anything until the next day. So the whole day was just crazy nuts!

Thursday and Friday Elder Chapdelaine made me plan for the days and They were aweful! mostly cause of all the Halloween Parties that were going on and what not, so basically everybody that we went to go see wasnt home or said they were going somewhere. So we spent the day with pretty much a bunch of members and Helping them do their family History or something productive.

Saturday was a little bit more interesting! We were able to help One of the member families move. and this was my fifth move in the four months that Ive been here... HAHA Not quite sure whats up with that. But it all went out really fine and we were able to help them move in and get settled in! But this should give you a glimpse of spanish culture. The family we helped move was hispanic, so Right when we moved everything into their home. Literally right when the last thing was brought in, Lucia and Ramon and a bunch of other hispanics came over and had lunch in their new apartment! We had to set up the table while lunch was being made just so we could eat. HAHA Hispanics are all so close and friendly and they all love eachother! Which is awesome.

Halloween as a missionary isnt the same just so you know. HAHA My mother was so generous as to send me a package that contained a ton of little bags of candies and toys for us to pass out to kids. and we took it to the ward "trunck or teat" and passed them out to all the families that came to that! and they were all very excited to see it and the cute little bag. So shoutout to you mom! We dressed up as hondurans with all the honduran stuff that one of the members has given us and we looked like some pretty boss missionaries. HAHA And the activity was pretty good, so pictures should be coming soon!

Sunday was by far one of the most special days of my whole mission. I woke up and was feeling really down. Not sure why, just something did not feel very right, or I was just having a bad morning. Not sure which one :) But sunday was the day where we were confirming our family members of the church :) and I was picked to confirm them, so I had to do them in spanish! I was freaking out about it, but it turned out fine. I confirmed them and It was super good! A very good sunday!

That night we went over to their house, and they first wanted to thank me for giving them their blessings and confirming them. I was touched by their experiences that they shared with me. They both went into detail of what they felt and things that were awesome. And Ramon said that from the moment I gave him the blessing he felt like a different person. And he said that he still feels that way. Which was just the confirming witness to me just how powerful and influencing the Holy Ghost is. This gospel HAS to be true!

So this week was a slow one :) yet one of the best ones that I have had. Probably life changing! I hope you all are enjoying your weeks back at home wherever that may be :) I love you all and pray for you all :) Thank you for your kind support and for all that you do to help the missionaries!

From the small heart of Foley Alabama,

Elder Stonely