Note: For the duration of Riley's mission, this blog will be produced and edited by his parents, Daisy and Todd Stonely.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 25: "New Comp...Elder Sturdevant!"

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been Boss! It was kinda funny too just because of all the things that happened. HAHA So my new companions name is Elder Sturdevant. It is Dutch and is very AWESOME! Mostly cause I laugh at all the Hispanic members who try to pronounce it but fail. They all thought that once elder Chapdelaine left that they would get another missionary with an easier name. PSYCH! even harder... HAHA Fun fact about him. He is actually 1/4 Hispanic! And he looks nothing like a Mexican. HAHA his grandfathers last name is Moreno, and there is a Moreno family in the branch, so they call him their cousin. HAHA Elder Sturdevant is boss and is going to learn a lot of what it is like to be in the Hispanic family down here in Foley.

So the beginning of transfers was really rough... Our Zone leaders told us that this transfer was going to work a little different. And it confused everyone... Normally when missionaries get transferred from Foley and around this area, they go to Tallahassee and spend the night. But this time they told me that I would be going early in the morning over to Tallahassee and then returning the same day. So All Was well and the plan was going smooth. Until I got to Tallahassee... They told me I was staying the night and Would receive my new companion the next morning. And so Here I was stuck in Tallahassee, 5 hours away from my stuff and I had to stay the night. HAHA I just laughed at myself cause all I had was the suit I brought and my scriptures. So I slept the night on a couch. Then the next morning I made an Attempt to "clean" as much as I could. Thankfully I didn't smell bad because All I did the day before was sit in a car. HAHA So I pick up my new companion and then we head off to another transfer spot to pick up another missionary. (Oh and btw... It was me, my companion and two other guys who were sitting up front) So we are driving along side the road and all of a sudden the driver pulls over. I asked "whats wrong" And the missionary I could tell was so embarrassed... he replied, "the gas is out" And for those of you who don't know, we are supposed to keep out tanks above 1/2 so this doesn't happen. HAHA So We all had to get out of the truck and walk two miles to the nearest gas station to get gas. HAHA but while we started walking I jokingly said, "pray for a miracle!" And on the way back to the car, a member from the ward in the area pulled over and gave us a ride! HAHA I thought That was the greatest blessing of the day!

Well enough of me rambling about funny things this week.

Thanksgiving was a bomb and we had some pretty good food! We had a Hispanic activity, but lets just say they aren't as good at making american food as they are the Hispanic food! HAHA but yet I did have one of the Best Roasts That I have ever tasted. And It was awesome cause we had an investigator show up to the activity and so since we had time to kill, him, Elder Sturdevant and I had a chili eating contest. And We ate "abaneros" which are one of the spiciest chilies ever... And I only ate two and they were about the size of a quarter each and my mouth was on fire all day! and then the next day my stomach was in pain! Dang... Not sure how hispanics eat like this. HAHA But it was pretty great!

I have learned just about double in this past week compared to the past three transfers that I have been here. With Spanish, with being a missionary and relying on the Lord to help me out. All of those Have been improved by 100 fold I feel like. Being the senior companion is a lot more work! HAHA DUH Elder! HAHA I was expecting it to be difficult, but didn't quite understand just how much I would learn. I learn so much every day and i realized that it is because I was in the week of struggles. I was put into a place where I would have to do things I've never done before and talk to people in my broken Spanish. And I was put into this situation where I would have to ask the Lord for his strength. Because I could not have survived this week without his help. I was thinking of if I were to give any advice to anybody, it would be, "learn to pray, and rely on the lord." And I think that applies for all aspects of life. Wait, I don't think, I know.

Well I hope that each one of you is having a boss time with school, work, family and the world! I know I am :) I love you all very much and cant wait to share more experiences this upcoming week!

Much love from the heart of Alabama!

Elder Stonely