Note: For the duration of Riley's mission, this blog will be produced and edited by his parents, Daisy and Todd Stonely.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 24: "I'm Going to be a Daddy!"

Dear Friends and Family,

I would like to start out by saying that the Lord is always blessing each and every one of us. I have received more than my share fare of blessings this week and it only seems to get better! The best way to see the blessings that you have is to always be counting them! and thank Him for everything you've been given on a daily basis. Through prayer I have found much comfort.

Transfers are this week! And I have some exciting news for you all! I will be staying in Foley Alabama for another Transfer, and I will be training a new missionary! I am looking forward to it and can not wait to see how it goes! I know that my mission president has great trust in me and now I have to live up to it and train this missionary the way that Elder Chapdelaine trained me! I will miss Elder Chapdelaine a lot due to our great friendship and unity together. We have just barely got it all down! But I know that he needs to go help strengthen another companion and another area like he did here in Foley. And with a lot of help from the savior, my new companion can grow up the same way! HAHA whenever someone is a trainer, we call it a "father" and "son" relationship for the trainer and the trainee. HAHA I find that very funny, but It will be great! Time to invest some major faith on my part!

I have been again blessed with the opportunity to give many blessings this week. There have been a lot of hard times for the Hispanic members in this branch. About 50% of them have suffered a traumatic or family emergency within the last week. And a lot of the times they are illegal, so they cant do much about what happens. But, one thing that I have seen in all of them is their unbelievable strength and faith in the Atonement. All of them continue to come to church, and all of them have asked for priesthood blessings. And for us as missionaries, it is such a wonderful thing to have someone ask for a blessing. And side note, I have become really good at learning the blessings in spanish. HAHA The members here are great. And to me, this is just a proof of how powerful the Atonement is and just how blessed we are to have it here with us. I am truly greatful.

For the fun side of this week, Elder Chapdelaine and I have spent a lot of good time with members, investigators and others this week, cause we had both figured that he was getting transfered. And so today, we have a lot of fun plans to go out and do stuff together and to enjoy our last P-day together. I am too excited probably. HAHA

Well this week was fun and This upcoming week will be great to see my new companion and enjoy the day! thank you for all of your love and support! Until next week :)

From the Heart of Alabama, Foley :)

Elder Stonely