Note: For the duration of Riley's mission, this blog will be produced and edited by his parents, Daisy and Todd Stonely.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 22: "Patience is a Virtue!"

Dear Friends and Family,

So learned a lot this weekend! Probably more than ever before. HAHA no just kidding. But this week has definitely been a week of knowledge gain. For starters, we have been coming to the library to get ready for a Family History lesson on We will be teaching at the Genealogy society's meeting this Saturday, so we had to come up with an outline and everything had to be ready. We figured this lesson cant just be made up on the spot like we normally do... HAHA so I learned a lot about Family Search on the website and have been using that a ton! But the part that I wanted to just mention is really funny cause now I feel really lame. HAHA It brought me back to High school in 10-11 grade. Everyone knows about those lessons that are taught and those concepts that are taught where the students always say, "When am I going to use that?" or "When will I ever need to know that?" Yeah well guess what?!?! That happened to be and I now feel really dumb for saying that phrase. HAHA We were writing instructions on how to order a film from the catalog so that the people can look at it. (that was one thing they wanted us to teach). So Elder Chapdelaine went on the site and went through and made a little instruction sheet. And I looked at it, and just knew it would not work out... HAHA mostly cause we are dealing with old people who don't know how to use computers. So I thought back on possibly three classes... And I'm pretty sure it was Geometry with Mr. Gilbert. but it could possibly be Mr. Bown. We had the unit on proofs and writing instructions. And I thought that unit would be SO lame just cause it seemed pointless... But it came in handy! I remembered that Mr. Gilbert said that you have to be VERY specific in your instructions so that a child could read it and know how to do it. So I went through the instructions and added little things like, "click the 'search' tab on the top right hand side of the scree" when it was originally just "click on search" HAHA Elder Chapdelaine thought it was pretty silly, but then we practiced it. I had Elder Chapdelaine go through the steps pretending like he didn't know what he was doing. And it seemed to work! So hopefully when we teach it will make sense! HAHA Shout out to my High School teachers who are boss!

Alright so this past Sunday, I was thrown under the bus when Elder Chapdelaine told me I could practice my Spanish by translating. Yeah that was a bad idea! I only translated the announcements and the prayers, but according to him and everybody else it made sense and it went well. But I thought that it went terrible. I took it as a compliment. So now I think that I will be translating more and learning more. Spanish is coming easier and easier. There are only a couple ROUGH edges. HAHA... Ok maybe more than a couple. HAHA

We also had the primary program this past Sunday which was awesome! It was so nice to just see the 10 kids that they had up there sing and to see their bright spirits. Kids always carry a very sweet spirit and it was very nice to watch as a billion of the adults started crying. HAHA But i don't blame them cause if it were my kid i might just cry too!

The last thing I learned this week has just been more patience. Its been a struggle learning how to go from having an investigator family to having no one. And Lucia and Ramon are out of town this week which has been made it more difficult! And on top of that the spanish this week has been a little rough. But Ive learned a lot of patience, cause as we just continue to go each day doing our best, there is always blessings that come. We are now just starting to work through members and finding people and we are currently teaching another Family. They have two kids and we have gone over a couple of times and talked to them about the importance of families. It was kinda funny cause we were walking by one day and he was painting, so we talked with him and then got a return appointment. Then the next time we went by we sat down outside with the husband. And we started talking and once we started talking about families, he paused us and said he was going to go grab his wife! So we taught both of them and are currently going over once a week. I am hoping they turn into another Lucia and Ramon!

So other than those adventures, this week has been pretty slow. Its almost as if time is ticking till transfers, which are causing mixed feelings. HAHA but I am excited to keep going and pushing forward with the work of the lord! I love you all and appreciate all of your support! May you all receive the blessings that come from living the gospel :)

From the heart of the middle of nowhere! Foley Alabama,

Elder Stonely "wiwee" Thats for you Dustin!