Note: For the duration of Riley's mission, this blog will be produced and edited by his parents, Daisy and Todd Stonely.

Monday, March 14, 2016


Dear Friends and Family,

Well this week I have gained a strong testimony of the simple truths of the restored gospel. We had the opportunity to go out with a member this past Sunday. And to give you a little background on him, I’ll explain who he is and his background story. For starters, His name is Valentin (not how you pronounce it cause it’s in Spanish) and he is pretty fun! He is from Mexico and is the only member of his family who is a member of the church. He came over to America by himself at age 12-13 and has been working here ever since. He then ran into the missionaries 3 years ago. Before then, he wasn’t a member of the church. He took the discussions and was baptized. He then waited a year till he could go to the temple, then directly went on his mission. He recently got back home 3 months ago and is just in town for two weeks to work. He has such a strong testimony! We met him at church and then he asked us if he could go out to visits with us. So we took him out! And he had such a great simple, but strong testimony of the gospel. And he told us that he always goes out with the missionaries anywhere he is to help us out and to remain strong. So I was thinking about this and thought about the Atonement. Because this member doesn’t have any family in the states and doesn’t have many friends due to his work situation. But he knows that the Savior is always there for him and he knows the blessings that have come from living the gospel! So you all remember that!

Elder Sturdevant and I are doing amazing here in Foley AL. This transfer is 7 weeks long, so I am blessed with 4 more weeks with him! And we will see where I go after that. :) However, the work is going great and we are finding a lot more people to teach and things to do. Missionary work sure does get easier as time goes on and I really am really grateful for all the help I have in learning the language! There were a lot of funny things that happened this week too however I can’t remember what they are cause my mind is crazy. ;) HAHA Well Hope you all have a great week back at home! I love you all and hope you enjoy the fun. :)

Elder Stonely

They sure love their monster trucks in Alabama!

Yep, that's me sportin glasses. Had to get them so I could read the road signs.

Another selfie with Victor.