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Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 61: My new companion Elder Lambson is BOSS!!!

Dear Friends and Family,

I guess I lost track of weeks again because my dad told me I messed up on which week it was. HAHA Luckily, the brains of the operation (my dad) runs the show and not me :) HAHA I love you papa!

Ok, so yes, transfers were this past week, I'm blessed to stay in Cairo! My new companion is Elder Lambson who is the BOSS!!!!!! He is from Colorado, which I can continue to say that I have never been with a companion from Utah... That's been pretty weird. Elder Lambson is a genius who is very intelligent and amazing :) He is also like a Lamb, well a son of the lamb. HA. Yeah... dumb pun. 

Well this week, It sure has been a busy week! And I am positive that we haven't received so many tender mercies and blessings as we have this week. It all started Wed.

We got into Tallahassee at 7:30 am. so that Elder Valenzuela could catch the transfer buss across the mission, and my companion wasn't coming in till about 7:00 pm. Long story short, I had to go with some other elders for the day. They were White washing an area and had never stepped foot on any door we went to. So that was interesting. I felt a little out of place knocking on all the "rich" white people houses. Well by "rich" I mean normal houses in Utah, though I have been so accustomed to trailers that a house seems quite different. HAHA It has truly been an experience. HAHA Well my companion got in at 7 and we drove back up to Cairo and decided we were going to just go out and find someone to teach! (due to having a low teaching pool) we knocked on a couple peoples doors without success. And then we saw this lady smoking out on the front porch, so we decided to go talk to her. We immediately began to introduce a video about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and talked about how she could find a "new" life through him. She seemed really interested in the message and longer story short, she agreed to be baptized on September 10th. That was VERY cool to see. She also gave us referrals to her family whom we are just barely going over to help. Its been interesting to see how when we stop by, people don't want anything to do with us, but as we are just persistent enough, we become the best buds and they are so grateful for us coming over and talking with them! Sometimes, people just need a little bit of love :) even if they don't seem like the type of person you would be talking to. 

So I just want you to take that situation, and add about 20 more of those. That sums up our week. Though the biggest thing I have noticed this week Has definitely been the Spirit. I am 100 % sure that if the spirit was not with us, that none of the people with whom we came in contact, we would still be teaching. And I am grateful for my new companion who works hard, is diligent, and is a great example of the type of missionary that we all can become! 

I love you all so much! And I know that all of you are missionaries like us and can experience these experiences on your own like those of missionaries! Hope you all have a great week this week and know that I love you! 

Elder Stonely,

The biggest heart in Cairo :) (Thats still sister Bouton)
Yeah, we are a litttle crazy. HAHA
Pictures with Ana before Elder V left :)