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Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 70: The Purpose of the Word of Wisdom


This week was awesome :) It was full of so many great adventures :) I am not sure if I shared my experience talking with a drunk man at 9 at night...though for anyone who was wondering what it is like, don't do it. HAHA We are scared to go over to our recent converts house because her brother wants to fight me every time I go over. Moral of the story, the Word of Wisdom was created so that Elder Stonely doesn't get beat up by people under the influence. HAHA

I had a great experience this week :) We had a lesson with one of our investigators named Alex. From the information that I had gathered about this man, he seemed to not really care what the missionaries really said. Though we had picked him up again. We had a scheduled visit with him, we wanted to bring members out with us but we couldn't find anyone. We texted Brother Pizzaro who gladly accepted last minute and came with his wife. His wife doesn't speak Spanish and Alex doesn't speak English, but we took her along anyway. We taught the restoration, then felt that we should give the member and his wife some time to bear their testimonies. They both did and at the end of the wife's testimony we asked Alex what he thought and he told us, "I just have to do what she said and read and pray about it. Then I will know!" (Elder Moore and I felt like we were looking around the room for a secret camera or something like this lesson was planned or something... HAHA) But the spirit was strong. Even though there was a language barrier, or as we thought, the members were able to show great love and care for him and they invited the spirit. Thus, don't be afraid to talk to people! The spirit will do the teaching :)

Also cool story from this week, many of you know we were teaching a lady named "Ana" when I was in Cairo, GA. Welp, to my surprise, on Sunday (during sacrament meeting), she, her husband, and her grandaughter walked in the door!!!! They drove 50 minutes to come down here to the Spanish branch and participate. And probably to see me. HAHA It made my Sunday pretty great :) She still has her baptismal date set so we will see what happens :) 

Overall, this week has been great :) and I can pretty much tell you that I have still yet to step foot on the same street here in Tallahassee; that's how huge it is... HAHA JK. But really its huge. I think it would only be fair to say, 

From the smallest heart here in the city!

Elder Stonely 

Well for all of you that want to know just how fat the south is... Here is a 30 inch pizza... The plates, which we are holding are 12 inches long. The pizza hangs over the plates! I could lay on this thing!!!!

Look, I made a cool candle!

Another bad selfie...