Note: For the duration of Riley's mission, this blog will be produced and edited by his parents, Daisy and Todd Stonely.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 67: Tallahassee Florida is HUGE!!!!

Dear Friends and Family,

Not ganna lie, after being in Foley Alabama and Cairo Georgia, Tallahassee Florida is HUGEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! And there looks to be a lot to do. My first day here we were driving to an appointment and I was just in shock at how many things there were... Cairo had like 3 streets and now im in a city with 300000000000000 streets... quite a change it feels like.

The life in the city! Elder Moore has been showing me around the city and showing me his fun personality! He is AWESOME! he trained Elder Lambson, and they are really similar, so being his companion is just a little different than being Elder Lambsons companion. We were talking one day and he told me the name of his first girl is going to be "Mia" and for anyone who could figure it out, when you say the full name, his daughters name will be :

"Mia Moore"

When said in spanish, it sounds exactly the same as "Mi amor" which translates to "my love." HAHA so thats just a little of his funny jokes :) He is awesome! He has so much energy though... Its great cause now ill have a lot more energy! Every morning we wake up early to go to the Gym. after going once, He worked out so hard and i followed his footsteps. The next day one of my arms was shredded... Not the good shredded./ Like my muscles were about to fall apart. HAHA I guess ill be getting huge this transfer though!

Ive met so many of the members in the Branch. I am serving in a Spanish branch down here. It is the only spanish branch in the mission and i am quite excited! Only problem is there is a member from Argentina here and they have CRAZY accents!!! I had to translate for him and it was almost impossible. I guess here i get to experience all the cultures in one! HAHA I love the members already and i have hardly met them :)

Also, this past thursday we had the opportunity to go to a FSU soccer game. There are three colleges here in Tallahassee and so we got to go to a soccer game. Supposedly they are like 2nd in the nation or something. It was quite fun to be there:) It was a bit of my soccer life that i miss now :) Though there was many people sitting behind us using their "vaper" things... so it was nice to leave and get back to the sheltered missionary life :) HAHA

Well, Tallahasse is rocking! And i am super excited to continue to work with the people here! I have great feelings about the next couple weeks :0

Elder Stonely
Transfer day.

A good old soccer game.

Our apartment.