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Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 100: Mothers Day

Dear Friends and Family,

BIG NEWS!!! It was mothers day for all y'all who said happy mothers day to your mom and then have now gone back to normal life since mothers day is over. Mothers deserve to be told that they are loved every day, so for those of you who don't, (me), please repent and do it every day! I love you mom!

Well we had a week full a crazy adventures! We have done some fun things, missionary work, mothers day party, talking to lots of people including someone named "alfredo." He is from Cuba, and has been in the united states for only a year. He is very friendly and doesn't know anything about the gospel. Literally knows only that there is a god. BUT hey! Thats a start! He has one up on King Lamoni. It has been very exciting to be able to teach him. We taught him about prayer. Literally, we had a lesson just on prayer. It felt like we were teaching a kid, though felt amazing cause he understood EVERYTHING!! and said a wonderful prayer at the end. I felt like a proud spiritual dad of Alfredo. We are totally friends now!

Other than this, we are still working hard! WE are eating lots of Hispanic food and learning how to cook it. And its going well :) I hope you all have a good week this week!

Elder Stonely

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